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From Motley Fool, on Twitter

  1. ‘Compound interest is like planting trees. One day’s progress shows nothing. A few years’ progress shows a little. Ten years shows something big. 50+ years creates something stunningly magnificent.’

  2. ‘Every time you earn $1, invest 10 cents of it.’

  3. ‘Start small. $10 a month. Buy an index ETF. Up the ante. $50 a month. Then $100. Eventually, more. Buy some stocks. Hold them for years. The market drops? Buy more. Big news headlines? Ignore ‘em. Invest every month. That’s Foolish.’

  4. ‘(a) No one cares about your money like you, so spend less than you earn and invest the difference. (b) Buy companies, not tickers. (c) Think in years and decades, not days and weeks, and let compound interest do the heavy lifting.’

  5. ‘90% of finance is: spend less than you make, save the difference, invest, diversify, low cost, patience.’

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