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Ariesusduabelas (A) write a new post on this blog. An email interview with hardcore band named WTNSS (W) from Malaysia. I get the band name from Altaraksara, a known diy blog from Malaysia (correct if I’m wrong). Read this interview. Hope you like it!

A: It seems you are selective band, is your band not give the interview to random people?

W: We’re not selective, just careful.

A: Who behind the name of WTNSS? Dont you scared people who search your band will need more time? When search WTNSS, the google result: WITNESS band, from UK.

W: Lalat, our drummer, got the name from a Counterparts song (Witness). We decided to go with WTNSS, just to be different. Yes, there are other bands with similar names, but we’re not too worried about that. Regardless of the name, the music will surely speak itself and differentiate us from the rest.

A: What makes you guys proud in life?

W: Being able to do what we want to do. To be able to do things like touring, releasing new material, and most importantly making new friends and meeting more like-minded people.

A: DIY in your perspective?

W: DIY to us is to be able to do whatever we want and however we want to do it, and to do it on our own terms. And to do it with the right intentions, without worrying about hype, money and fame.

A: What happens if WTNSS are break til the end of time?

W: It’s ok. We’re just 1 out of millions of bands around. Pick up another band to listen to. However, if WTNSS disbands, lookout for WTNSS 2.0

A: Can you tell me what is your dirty little secret?

W: I slept with your RIHANNA… Haha

A: Being in band so you care with politics. In your country, who is politician do you hate? and why?

W: We’re not big fans of politics. All politicians are the same. Everyone strives for power and wants to control everything, when they can’t even control themselves. Everyone tries push their own agendas to benefit their own people / following. Whether you’re pro-government or against the government, it’s pretty much the same. However, not everyone is evil. Shout out to those who are doing great things and ‘sticking it to the man’.

10 Februari 2016,

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